Colors play a massive role in sports. It dictates how the players feel about the team to the spectators in the stands. They impact people psychologically, physiologically, and cognitively. Much research has shown a direct correlation to performance. We can see colors in the logo, mascot, and team jerseys; it is their identity. Fans can recognize their team from miles seeing them. It evokes a sense of belonging and emotions. So, it is vital to choose the right ones when customizing jerseys. The blog will inform you about the right colors and print methods for custom jerseys. So, let us start.

The beginning:

Colors are an integral part of human lives. In ancient times, tribes painted themselves with various colors that were important to them. It also helped distinguish one group from another. With the invention of team sports, it became crucial to distinguish one team from the other for easy playing and viewing. As the popularity of sports grew, teams started using them to create a sense of tribal identity for the team and players. It helped them sell merch and accessories to the supporters. Today it is one of the most significant industries, with a value of $190 billion. It will continue to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% to reach $248.1 billion by 2026.

Importance of colors for customizing jerseys:

Colors evoke emotions and feelings among players and supporters. When people dawn team jerseys, they become a part of something bigger than themselves; they become one with the team. Many studies have shown that teams wearing dark colors have a slight advantage over teams wearing lighter colors.

The most popular colors for custom jerseys are red, blue, black, purple, and white. The least famous ones are orange, gold or yellow, green, and pink. Each color has a meaning that ranges from passion and energy to trust, relaxation, balance, harmony, optimism, and happiness.

Most popular:




Passion, energy, and intensity.


Trust, loyalty, and peace.


Strength, authority, and boldness.


Creativity, wealth, and elegance. 


Purity, simplicity, and cleanliness.

Least popular colors for custom jerseys:




Optimism, happiness, and outgoing.


Prosperity, luxury, and success.


Determination and strength.


Nature, balance, and harmony.


Friendship, playfulness, and fun. 

Customizing jerseys across sports:

Various sports have different colored jerseys. But the most popular one is red. Many teams in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, etc., from little leagues to major leagues, incorporate red in their jerseys and logos. It is a significant part of their branding strategy.

Jersey impacts performance: Many prominent studies have shown that considering all the factors equal, wearing darker-colored jerseys provides an advantage. The players appear more intimidating and dominant than the opponents. Dark-colored jerseys can boost the morale of players and supporters; they seem more confident and enthusiastic. Red is a suitable color because we can see it from afar.

Branding with custom jerseys: Create a sense of identity for your team with the precise colored uniform. It creates trust among players, coaches, and supporters. The right colors help with brand-building efforts.

Creating a sense of unity: When the team steps onto the playing field wearing the same colored jerseys, they are not individuals but a unit working together toward a common goal and ready to give their best.

Showcasing team spirit: Custom jerseys help to stay focused and motivated with the right colors. The artwork and colors show how much pride you have in your team. When you trust someone, they want to give their best. Presenting a united front is one of the best ways to get into your opponent’s mind.

Printing method for the perfect custom jerseys:

There are various processes for custom jerseys, each with its unique characteristics. We summarize the most popular ones:

  • Screen printing: For simple prints.
  • DTG digital printing: For complicated printing.
  • Digital dye-sublimation printing: For printing on polyester.

When customizing jerseys, you will come across two words: print panels and mock-ups. These are vital for customizing the perfect colors, logo, artwork, etc. But, you must understand the difference between these.

  • A print panel is proof of your custom jersey in digital or physical form. It displays how the colors, logo, text, and artwork look after printing. They are a full-scale version that will print the same. Often, manufacturers pair it with a mock-up to display how it will look put together on the front, back, and sleeves. Look at them before approving because it will produce the jersey.
  • A custom jersey mock-up is a way to see how your jersey designs will transfer to the fabric. It features a digital preview of how it will look. Look carefully at the artwork, names, sizes, colors, etc. A few manufacturers, like EverLighten, provide a mock-up of the finished jersey at no additional cost.

Below are the steps when customizing custom jerseys:

  1. A mock-up is the best way to see the custom jersey before printing. It will give you an idea of how all the elements will look and a chance to revise before production. Please pay close attention to the composition and imagine yourself wearing it. If you are sure about everything, then go ahead.
  1. The print panels for custom jerseys allow you to take a closer look at the details. Identify various elements and how they line up. Use a custom mock-up as a guide.

They should look like a blueprint of the jersey, and all the elements must be in the precise place. Looking carefully, you can identify the pieces. They will be an exact match. Pay attention to the logo, background, graphics, and colors. For example, baseball jerseys are button-downed. They sew the two front panels and then the sleeves. The design appears to overlap, but buttoned up does not overlaps.

Order high-quality custom jerseys without headaches:

Going through the blog, you must have understood a few things about colors and how to get the best custom jerseys before production. When you are ready, connect with a reliable manufacturer like EverLighten. They provide seamless customization, free design help, and the best customer service; they have helped startups, corporations, sports teams, universities, celebrities, individuals, etc., for nineteen years.